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Unstuck the Uck.

Let’s face it, we all get stuck from time to time.  Sometimes facing just a bit of resistance and sometimes we may feel like we are sucked into a tar pit of uck.  These intense moments hold wisdom, messages, gifts, and the secret to breaking through them!  However, we have to unwrap that sticky uck packaging to get to the good stuff.  In this session I will share my uck story, how I broke through, and how you too can access this super power!


We all live on this ship were in order to keep things afloat we have to be connected / aware / responsive to what we experience.  In this, Freedom Friday, we explore how the health of ALL relationships begins within.

Road Blocks & Detours.

When life brings us road blocks it also brings up so many feelings / experiences.  We may find ourselves angry, frustrated, resistant, stuck!!! But what if these road blocks were also an opportunity to turn off the GPS and tune into our intuitive guidance?  What if the detour opened a whole new path and possibility??

Emotion & Imagination: We Create Heaven.  We Create Hell.

We create and express our life experience through emotions.  Emotion...Energy in MOTION. Our imagination is an infinite, powerful tool that can evoke every emotion.  We can create and experience both heaven and hell through this gift.  We will explore emotions, how they impact organ function, and how we can use our imagination for healing.  This is the first in a series of FIVE sessions where we will dive in and play with this magical concept. Each week we will see through the lens of a different organ system.  We continue our five part journey to explore the power of our emotions and imagination to empower healing.  

Emotion & Imagination: Drawing Upon Wood/Liver/Gallbladder

This Friday our focus is the mystical magical connectivity of Wood / Liver / Gallbladder.  This system helps us process stress / frustration.  It is the source of our infinite creativity AND our growing edge in all of life.  

Emotion & Imagination: Faith Over Fear

We continue our deep dive into the role of emotions and imagination in healing as we explore the power and wisdom of Water / Kidney / Bladder: Faith over Fear!  This system is the reservoir of our life force energy.  Through this system we have the potential to connect to the wisdom of our inherited lineage and beyond!

Emotion & Imagination: Metal ~ Refine to Shine

We continue our exploration on emotions and imagination in healing by shifting our focus to the power of our Metal element.  Metal shines the light of our Spirit into the world. The Metal on Earth came from the stars and that precious energy is within us.  

Emotion & Imagination: Earth ~ Stomach / Spleen ~ THE PROCESS.

In our final session on the power of emotions and imagination to impact healing we explore Earth, our digestive system.  We rely on this system to help us process EVERYTHING!  How we see and experience our process can elevate digestion to the next level!

Beyond Breast Cancer.

Everything is energy. As we have been opening to and playing with in Wellness Lies Within, the key to all healing is flow.

When energy becomes stagnant we see physical and emotional symptoms arise such as digestive imbalance, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, depression, and pain.

At the extreme, energy that is not flowing is transformed into mass. The key to healing, even when a cancer diagnosis has been made, is returning to a state of flow at every level body, mind, & Spirit.

This Freedom Friday I will engage in a conversation with my friend, transformational coach, Chantal Leven

She has moved through a second diagnosis of breast cancer and is now in remission. She supports women moving through and beyond fear, so they can live life in remission by fully living their life mission.

Learn more about Chantal Leven 


Express Your Heart Through Art!

In this session of Freedom Friday, I join creativity coach Mara Belzer. All of life is our unique creative expression. When we choose to consciously connect to our creativity as a practice, we enliven living and can even empower healing!

Nurture Your Heart.

Our Heart is the house of our Spirit, our highest Self. As young children we were naturally in alignment with Spirit. Our life experiences often cause us to lose sight of this precious connection. However, it is always present!!!

In this session of Freedom Friday, I join Nurtured Heart Therapist Heather Meyer. Through the Nurtured Heart Approach she guides us to return to and ignite the Spirit spark within!

Divine Masculine 

We have been experiencing intense shifts in energy and dynamics on our planet, in our lives, in our bodies, and in how we connect in relationship.

To summarize...the old way of doin it', that old dynamic...has to go.

We are being called to level up our energies both the divine feminine / omega / yin AND the divine masculine / alpha / yang.

I explore this concept with Neil McGuffog of At the Core.

Empowering Beyond Trauma.

What if the traumatic experiences of your life held the secret to your super powers?!

Unprocessed trauma is held in the body as stuck patterns.  These patterns create pain, digestive issues, and even cancer.  These patterns hold intense emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, and rage.  

When we are able to move through this stagnation we not only release our energy to heal but also open to the truth, that there is a higher purpose to our experience!  

Often the most challenging experiences have the most to teach us and hold deep guidance and wisdom.

I explore this concept with my friend Barbara Bolton Schreiber of Sisters Rocking Courage!

School’s In Session: Time for Re-NEWal!

Back to school time aligns with the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. 

Nature begins her brilliant transition of letting go. This is also a call to all of us to turn inward, sort through our own "stuff," and let go of what no longer serves us. Doing so clears the way for a new foundation. 

Now comes the magic! We can CHOOSE what we bring in to build upon this new foundation. Our imagination is our only limit! I will join therapist Laura Weaver, MA, LMHC program director of the Retreat at the Cabin in Zionsville for a playful conversation on how you can create this possibility for yourself and your family.

Learn more about Laura and the Retreat at:


Birth, Re-Birth, Repeat...

The process of birth is profound. First of all, a little life was created! We grew a human! Then when the timing is just right labor begins. Oh boy...the excitement, the contractions, the expansions, the mess, the pain, the wails. And then there you have it, the life enters the world and that is just the beginning!

The creations in our lives are just like the process of birth! The Spiritual journey is also just like the process of birth! We are continuously at different phases of creation, birth, re-birth.

This Freedom Friday I join my dear friend, Kristin Hackman, author of "Just Breathe, Mama."

"After over a decade of parenting, four kids (triplets + one) that arrived within two years, and many many moments of feeling like I couldn’t breathe, this book is a declaration of the tiny little spaces I have found to save myself, from losing myself, in motherhood. I don’t know everything, but I do know you have to know yourself to love yourself. You have to love yourself to love your people.

Spend time with yourself. Be in Nature. Slow down. True connection. Creation. And when nothing else works, Just Breathe, Mama. This book is for you." ~ Kristin Hackman

Embodying Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude can take you a long way in our current reality. You can think about, talk about, and journal about gratitude, but can you fully "feel" your gratitude?

When we embody gratitude not just for others but for ourselves we welcome in a loving flow. This flow not only awakens us to the good stuff present all around but also supports deep healing.

I will explore this concept with passionate mind-body life coach and yogi, Lori Bisser.

In her podcast, Gratitude Sandwich, she combines stories from regular people about how gratitude surprised them in their lives. While she teaches mindfulness to children and adults she remains human and has not yet become “woke,” considering herself a quite fidgety contemplative.

Lori’s signature process for improving sleep and moving people in the direction of their dreams is changing lives! She loves LOVE which flows out to her family, helping people transform their lives, travel, cooking, eating, laughing, painting, and her dogs. Not necessarily in that order : ) 


Finding Grace in Grief

Grief, sadness. These are emotions that are challenging to presence but they MUST be fully felt.

Fall is the season that Mother Nature shows us the magic of being in our process of letting go. The trees gave birth to leaves in Spring, they were nurtured all Summer long, and now as Fall arrives, the energy must draw within. As this withdraw occurs, the leaves transform, fall to Earth and nurture the roots below. This process is necessary for the cycle of life to continue. When we experience trauma, we can become stuck, unable to process our grief and sadness.

This Freedom Friday I will explore how we can discover grace IN grief with Dr. Tanya English. Dr. Tanya English helps mothers and their families who have experienced stillbirth and pregnancy loss go from grief to grace.

Dr. Tanya English has been working for over 30 years in healing, first as a massage therapist, then as a chiropractor and energy healer.

Dr. English is also an accomplished blues singer. After experiencing a stillbirth in 1994 she had a profound healing experience through blues music. She then went on to practice chiropractic and energy healing for the next 18 years.

Dr. English started her band in 2012 and witnessed more healing with her audience and with her clients online internationally.  She knows that the darkest tragedy can hold an endless well of blessings!  https://healingwiththeblues.com/ 

The Power of Alignment.  

All of life around us is shifting and changing at warp speed. The chaos we experience reveals that the way we have been living no longer works. In Nature, control and manipulation do not exist. There is only high-level co-operation, collaboration, and infinite creativity. There was a time when all of humanity understood this powerful truth and followed the laws of Nature. 

Now more than ever, we need to return to Nature as our guide. I will explore the power of alignment with the cycles, seasons, and laws of Nature with Tracy Minor, of City Cricket Wellness. 

Tracy utilizes tools and modalities to facilitate the process of stepping away from the noise and reconnecting with our souls. In her monthly Soul Circle meetings, she guides women to connect with the rhythms of the natural world through meditation, breath work, rich discussion, connection to self and others. Learn More about Tracy Here: https://citycricket.net

The Weavers That KNOW Their Web.

There is a famous book on the foundation of Chinese Medicine by Ted Kaptchuk, OMD called “The Web that Has No Weaver.” This book explores the “invisible” web of support connecting all of Nature, the Universe, and humanity.

There are many of us all over the globe, call us energy or lightworkers, that are consciously choosing to connect into the web and intentionally weave our message, Spirit, and purpose. Though each of our angles and approaches may look different, they carry the same message of connection, collaboration, cooperation, and oneness.

Each of us weavers are connected by our web to one another. In these times of uncertainty and tumultuous change, weavers are being called to strengthen their conscious connection to the web and one another. In doing so we amplify and accelerate our own healing and our impact through our work in the world.

To be clear, the work is about our presence! You don’t have to have an official healing practice to be doing healing work! Your being is the doing.

I will explore this concept with fellow weavers Dr. Sandra Lewis of The Living Source & Jenny Merdinger of Turning Point Qi.

Dr. Sandra Lewis is a clinical psychologist and Personal Energy Strategist helping high-achieving women transform burnout, emotional overload, and self-doubt into sustainable purpose-driven success, confident leadership, and fulfillment. She supports women to make the impact they feel called to make in our world.

Dr. Sandra has extensive clinical and consulting experience as well as certifications in yoga, Qigong, and mindfulness. She has a unique ability to blend evidence-based research and ancient wisdom science into practical strategies to elevate well-being and effectiveness. She is the author of Life in 4-Part Harmony ~ Get Everything in Your Life to Work with Everything Else in Your Life.


Understanding the nature of personal reality has been a lifelong quest for Jenny Merdinger. She became a student of Grand Master Nan Lu in 2013, after following his energy healing system and resolving many chronic physical and emotional conditions. Years of intensive study and practice led Jenny to receive Master Lu's express permission to offer Wu Ming Qigong group programs and Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong 1:1 treatment. Jenny remains awed by the remarkable – and often unexpected – possibilities that are created when we discover the joy of knowing that healing is in our own hands!  


Aligning in Astrological Awesomeness!!!

Whether you consciously recognize it or not, you are of the stars. 

Everything that originates here on Earth came from the greater Universe, including us! We are directly impacted by Earth’s alignment with the Sun, the Moon, the planets of our Milky Way, and beyond.

These astrological alignments offer up an assortment of energies that show up within our body through our organ function, our emotions, in our lives through our interactions with others, and even through our interactions with technology.

Becoming aware of our connection with the greater Universe offers up the chance to align with those energies to support our health, wellbeing, and quite frankly our sanity! For example, when Mercury is in retrograde, absolutely expect your technology to go wonky! Have a plan B or even C for that big Zoom meeting you scheduled.

This Freedom Friday get ready to launch into astrological awesomeness when I join spiritual coach Tara Robertson of She’s A Shaman.

Tara integrates astrology, numerology, Reiki, and shamanic energy healing to inspire self-empowerment.

You can learn more and connect to Tara here: https://www.facebook.com/shetheshaman

Movement IS Medicine.

We all have experienced the healing power of moving the body when we are feeling tense or stressed as well as the pure joy of dancing in celebration. This movement can become an intentional Body, Mind, Spirit healing practice.

Moving the body also supports moving our mind AND opening to Spirit.

Qoya is a practice that honors the wholeness of our experience, shadow, and light, through movement and conscious reflection.

This freedom Friday, I explore movement as medicine, at every level, with Qoya instructor Susan Cotter of The Playful Soul.

Susan is a Reiki Master, Shaman Healer, Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Life Coach. One of Susan’s gifts is helping you align with your greatest skills. She does this based on her life experience and on her multi-level intuition, guiding you back to yourself knowing that that’s where the greatest treasure is buried. She will help you get there! https://www.theplayfulsoul.com/susan-cotter

Nurturing Compassion, Healing Trauma.

When we experience intense emotions and experiences beyond our ability to process, we disassociate. We separate ourselves from these experiences as a survival mechanism. For many of us this may lead to isolating ourselves, or parts of ourselves for protection, numbing ourselves to life’s intensities, and self-harm.  

When we are ready to heal beyond trauma, we find ourselves in a tender space. To open to our highest self and the transformative power of compassion, we must open to all aspects of ourselves.  

To be held in a safe, loving space during healing allows this process to unfold with grace. Katie Wyatt has created such a transformative, sacred space at Amitola Care Farm.  

Every aspect of the farm hold loving intention and the inhabitants / Katie’s support team, include three therapy dogs, miniature donkeys, donkeys, miniature horses, and coming soon, a retired police horse!

For more information: https://www.amitolacarefarm.com/

Wise, Wild, & Free!

At our essence, at our core, we are all wise, wild, & free. For so many reasons, we begin to suppress and “tame” ourselves, especially when we take on the role of Mother.

Motherhood opens a powerful opportunity for Body, Mind, Spirit transformation from pregnancy, postpartum, through every phase of childhood, and beyond.

Becoming a Mother also awakens us to suppressed aspects of ourselves. In addition, we step into a role with a powerful ancestral legacy visible and invisible. What wisdom will you pass on to your child and what stagnant patterns and toxic cycles will you shift forever?

Our children become our mirrors, holding us accountable for our most authentic truths and guiding us to re-awaken the wise, wild, and free self within!

I join Alyssa Pfennig fellow Mother and wise, wild, and free Sister.  Alyssa’s passion is supporting women as they face their shadow and embrace Spiritual transformation. She is a certified yoga therapist and integrates the tools and guidance of ancient wisdom.


The Power of the INVISIBLE!

Most of our day-to-day human life is based upon our VISIBLE experience. What we can see, feel, hear, taste, touch. However, have you ever paused to wonder if there is anything beyond the visible? Here is OUR truth. We understand less than 10% of the brain’s function, less than 7% of the human genome, and less than 4% of the Universe!

Does this mean that the other 90 plus percent of reality is not impacting our experience? The answer is NO. It is the invisible, energetic level of reality that is the foundation for the visible manifestation that we can perceive!

Everything is energy. We miss the majority of experience if we ignore the power of the invisible reality all around us. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are continuously connecting into energy. 

This Freedom Friday, I will join Pranic Healer Paula Lord, as we explore practical ways to become aware of our energetic reality and use that awareness to empower health and wellbeing.

Paula Lord helps people LAUNCH into LIFE. She safely leads individuals to recognize, clarify, and restore faulty movement patterns with her one-of-a-kind expertise in movement.

Paula's students and clients learn to tap into their unlimited potential. Many have launched to become Olympic athletes, collegiate champions, thriving cancer survivors, successful professionals, happy retirees, and more!

Paula is a Master of Sport in rhythmic gymnastics, holds a degree in physics, and is a practitioner of Pranic Energy Healing. If you are ready to live with Less Pain and More Energy, this is a great place to start!


Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a process that helps people get past their inner filters, blocks, and disconnects, so they can truly design the changes they want to implement in their life. It is not a “trick” or “fake it till ya make it” path of healing. It re-wires the brain to shift from stuck, default mode to open new pathways for infinite possibility.

Having a skilled coach and guide, such as my Freedom Friday collaborator Kelei Baker Leak, supports you in this process; however, you can awaken this power within! The power of self-hypnosis.

By bringing patterns to conscious awareness and recognizing that you have a choice in each and every moment, you step back into YOUR power. And then you make that choice again and again and again until the new pathway becomes yours! This process is also about activating your cellular memory of your experiences of joy, breakthrough, fearlessness, faith, and beyond!

I join Kelei Baker Leak at Baker Farmhouse as we explore this possibility together and soak up the magic of the big white barn!

Kelei specializes in many areas of hypnosis, using traditional and non-traditional methods and modalities.

Hypnotherapy and life coaching can be greatly beneficial in helping to calm stress levels, anxiety, fears, addictions, extreme emotions, phobias, pain, headaches, and much more.

Kelei also utilizes other tools such as EFT, EMDR, NLP, Kinetic Shift, Social Expansion Models & Integrative Addiction Solutions.

In addition, Kelei owns and operates The Baker Farmhouse which is a historical Bed and Breakfast Retreat and Event Space that has been in her family for over 150 years and was part of the Underground Railroad. https://enlightenedsteps.com/

Freedom Friday: The Power of Perspective.  

In Quantum Physics, we acknowledge that the observer itself, just through observation of an event, changes the perceived reality! When we apply this to relationships, we realize that each and every communication is a swirl of perspectives influencing one another.

When we do not recognize this truth, we can find ourselves entrapped in past patterns and projections that lead to relationship blocks. When we open our perspective, we level up our ability to flow and connect and tap into the profound power of relationship to other as a mirror of the self!

This Freedom Friday I will explore this concept with Colette Pellissier, MBA, MA, CPCC of Illuminated Leadership

For nearly 30 years, Colette has worked as a change agent in both the corporate world and beyond. Her passion is working with individuals and organizations committed to their own evolution, who want to grow both in consciousness and in contribution to the world we live in.



When we are experiencing conflict within and/or in a relationship it can feel as if we are cyclically being drawn into it: at home, at work, and in all spaces between. When we resist or avoid conflict, we become more stuck in it!

What if you could shift your perspective and connection with conflict? Conflict is potential energy that has become blocked. Once we learn how to understand this creative force and move WITH rather than against it, its true power and possibility can be released!

This is the power to impact transformation at every level within and in all relationships: at home, at work, and in all spaces between!

Karen Valencic developed Spiral Impact® through integrating her experience in the corporate world with Aikido, the Japanese martial art of reconciliation. For over 20 years, she has been coaching individuals and corporations to tap into the creative power of conflict.


Nature’s Pharmacy

We are a part OF, not apart from Nature. Aligning with the seasons, and turning to Nature to support healing the physical symptoms that arise can help us maintain overall health and well-being. Many of these powerful practices have been passed down from our ancestors.

We can turn to Nature for her high level wisdom on how to clear the energy of viruses and support our digestive health, the foundation of immunity.

This Freedom Friday, I will explore the power of Nature’s Pharmacy with Karen Burr of Materia Medica. Materia Medica was created to help others heal from the inside out, using materials such as herbs, tinctures, infusions and a variety of skincare blends that are unique to each individual. We believe that keeping our bodies healthy is an expression of gratitude and by supporting local farms, ensuring our herbs and oils are organic, fair trade and non-GMO, allow us to spread that gratitude throughout our community.


Beyond the Mat.

Practices such as yoga and qigong are powerful tools for body, mind, Spirit healing.

When we are on our mat, in a class, in our form, we reach a higher level of alignment and peace within.

But what happens when class ends and we step off our mat? This is when the practice beyond the practice begins. This is when we have the opportunity to apply the concepts of our form to all of life!

In a time of uncertainty, unrest, and change, we are all being called to a higher level of alignment moment to moment.

We are being called to take our practice to the next level!

This Freedom Friday, join my friend, yoga and wellness coach Becky Laurenzana as we further explore this concept. 


Mind-Body-Spirit Flexibility

Flexibility is everything in life. If we are flexible we can literally expand our reach physically, emotionally, and beyond!

In Chinese Five Element Consciousness, our Liver Qi is responsible for our flexibility. Our Liver balances emotions, helps us process stress, frustration, anger, and is the system through which we creatively express ourselves in all of life. If any of these processes are blocked, we become less flexible, less open to connect and receive. We literally store these blocks within the tendons of our body.

Externally pushing the body to physically open places where Liver Qi is stuck and rigid can result in pain and even lead to injury. However, when we align ourselves from within, we become empowered to open the highest level of Mind-Body-Spirit flexibility!

Samantha Simpson began transforming her life and practice with the Bowspring postural method in 2017. “The Bowspring Method is based on a curvy, dynamic, and open posture that aligns the body in a position of readiness.”


Nourishing Our Hearts

Our Heart embodies our Spirit. Each beat of our Heart sends life-giving blood infused with Spirit to every organ.

The key to a nourished Heart is not to force it to beat faster, but rather to align with what inspires and enlivens our Spirit!

As we approach the close of 2021 and welcome a new year, now is a precious time to reflect deeply on how you have been living or not living a Heart-centered life.

What can you begin to shift right now that will welcome more love, more Heart, more Spirit into each and every moment? Do not wait!

At Nourished Heart, Lily Kessler has dedicated herself to teaching and embodying the Art of Living Yoga.

This Freedom Friday we will further explore how to nourish our Hearts in this moment and beyond!


The Power of Poetry

We have long summoned words through poetry to communicate and transmit deeper layers of message and meaning. 

Both reading and writing poetry is transformative. Poems activate us to dive within and reflect upon our own experience and dream of what is possible! 

Poetry can help us process and access experiences we are challenged to put into words.

Ancient Chinese Masters used poetry to explain each and every point along the meridian system. These words are more than a way to identify a location, they transmit the power, possibility, and Spirit connected to these unique locations!

This Freedom Friday, I join Page Park of Tulsi Rose Yoga. Page has been tapping into the power of poetry on her personal and professional healing path. She has been a special education teacher for 24 years. At Tulsi Rose, she integrates yogic philosophy with a practice that meets you where you are through gently guiding you on a journey both on and beyond the mat. She works with both adults and children.


The Power of Vision

The eyes are a portal that connect us to both our mind and our soul. 

How we “see” our experience of the world can be limited by the filter of our mind’s past programming. When we have experienced trauma, we become hyper-vigilant. We may find ourselves continuously scanning for potential threat. We may also find ourselves interpreting what we see as threatening because our filter is limiting us from connecting to the bigger picture. 

In Chinese Five Element Consciousness, the eyes are the window of our Liver energy. Our Liver is the organ system that helps us process trauma, stress, anger, and frustration. Our Liver is the organ system that is the portal for Spirit to express its unlimited creativity in all of life. When we have experienced trauma, our Liver can become stuck in a loop. 

We literally may feel like we are re-living the same experience in many ways over and over. We literally may feel that we can “see” no way out of this endless loop. These loops not only exist in our experience but are also imprinted patterns within our mind. 

Laura Aurora is a holistic coach that has been using the Brainspotting therapeutic technique to help clients identify and clear places they have unconsciously become stuck in trauma loops. This approach has accelerated the therapeutic process of healing trauma at every level. This Freedom Friday Laura and I will discuss the power of vision and the eye in connecting to and healing beyond trauma. 

Learn more about Laura here: https://www.theplayfulsoul.com/laura-rudicle

Divine By Design.

Have you ever noticed how a space holds energy? 

The flow, the placement of appliances and furniture, the colors, the lighting literally can evoke emotion, feeling, and impact our own energy. 

In the East, this concept is called Feng Shui, the art of place and placement. Though we can learn this through concept and theory, at the highest level this is a practice that comes from within. 

When your energy is centered and aligned, Body, Mind, and Spirit, your surroundings will mirror this. In addition, you will be more attuned in your ability to connect to what might need to change in your environment to create more flow.

This concept can apply to all of life, healing, relationships, and even the preparation of food! When we are deeply tuned in we can begin to intuitively sense what spices, foods, and flavors to bring together to create a culinary work of Heart!

Kristin Okeley of Kitchen’s by Design and The Playful soul divinely merges her gift for aligning energies. The key is coming from the level of Spirit whether designing a kitchen, a healing space/practice, or a meal!

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