We depend upon our Stomach/Spleen to help us digest EVERYTHING: food, emotions, information, and even viruses and bacteria.  

Every stage of digestion has a body, mind, and Spirit level.  

Earth is the element that reflects the frequency and power of Stomach/Spleen.

Earth has the ability to receive, process, and transform EVERYTHING.  She holds the space for all of life itself. 

Earth reveals her own processing through the change of seasons.  Mama Earth will do whatever she needs to do to create balance and harmony.  She will manifest storms, shake things up with an earthquake, chill things out with a blizzard, or even manifest a pandemic.  


The first phase of digestion begins BEFORE we receive.  We must have an appetite, a desire for food, experiences, information, wisdom.  This appetite will create the drive to seek out what we require.  This appetite will also influence what exactly it is we are seeking.  What are we truly hungry for?  It’s not always food!  


The next phase of digestion depends upon the strength of our Stomach/Spleen as well as emotions and belief.  Do you believe you are worthy to receive?  Do you have a challenging relationship with food?  Are you already “full" and overwhelmed by worry and overthinking?  Is your Stomach tied in knots by stress?  What information are you choosing to receive: positive/uplifting or negative/stressful messages?  All of these experiences impact our ability to receive.  


Once we have received, the next phase is processing.  If we are stuck in worry and overthinking, this cyclic rumination will block our ability to process.  Stress can also slow down or speed up processing.  


What we have processed in the Stomach, food, emotions, information, is broken down and sent to the Spleen.  We rely on our Spleen to transform this material into Qi and wisdom.  If we cannot adequately transform, we become stuck.  At the physical level our organ systems will not be able to receive adequate Qi from the food we take in and at the emotional/spirit level, we will not be able to use the emotions and information we have taken in to manifest our life’s purpose.  

Our beliefs, consciousness, creativity, and imagination influence every state of digestive processing.

Warm Warm Warm

We rely on our Earth energy to help us digest EVERYTHING, so it is imperative we nurture our Stomach/Spleen.  These organs reside at our center at core temperature.  When we repeatedly take in ice cold drinks, we shock this energy and disrupt function.  A simple lifestyle shift that conserves Earth energy is to limit cold and drink warm or room temperature beverages.  In addition, according to Chinese Medicine, raw vegetables (including leafy greens) have a cold essence.  Bake, steam, saute, blanche etc your veggies to take the cold edge off.  If you just have to have raw, minimize intake and combine with vinegar to help digestion.  

Information and Electronic Overload 

We have become a society that is constantly taking in information from many resources. We are connected to the internet, facebook, twitter, instagram, each other 24/7 through our electronic devices.  These electronic devices themselves give off an energy frequency known as EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) that our digestive system must process.  

To elevate function of your Stomach/Spleen, you must elevate your consciousness of use of electronics and connecting to information.  Limit your connection and choose to connect to the good, uplifting messages over the fear and worry based messages.  

When we sleep we are very open energetically.  In order to have a restful night sleep, we must be peaceful.  Discontinue electronics several hours before bed.  Do not use your phone as an alarm clock or keep it in your room.   

Immune System

The foundation of our immune system resides in our ability to digest.  When our Stomach/Spleen energy is strong we can process all of life itself, including viruses and bacteria.

The Key to Stomach/Spleen Health: “Don’t Worry Be Happy!”

In life, we all experience events that are emotionally difficult to “digest.”  When we overthink these experiences, we only become more stuck in our own process.  In the biggest picture, everything is happening for a purpose and will unfold in its own time, whether we worry about it or not.  So rather than add to your own stagnation by worrying, allow yourself to open to faith, joy, and love.  It is all around and within you if you consciously choose to receive it!  

Allow yourself to recall past moments when you have felt this in your life.  Envision the time, the space, and how it felt within your body.  This recollection can reawaken the power of your Stomach/Spleen!  Enjoy this video: Emotion & Imagination: Earth ~ Stomach / Spleen ~ THE PROCESS.


Food Sensitivities

We have seen a dramatic rise in food sensitivities, in particular gluten intolerance.  Though this is, in part, due to a change in the quality of the food supply, this is NOT the root issue.  At the root of how we digest is the energy of the Stomach/Spleen.  When this energy is strong we will no longer have food sensitivities, even gluten!  All food sensitivity is a sign of imbalance in the Stomach/Spleen and the relationship to other organ systems (see below).  In addition, food senstivities often have an emotional connection.  If you experience sensititivity, reflect on when this began and what you were experiencing in life at the time of onset.  This wisdom alone will help you release the sensitivity!  

Eating for Healing

Keep the Stomach/Spleen warm by avoiding cold and cold essence (raw veggies, leafy greens).  Practice awareness/mindfulness when eating.  As you tune in, your Stomach will tell you what it wants and when it has had enough.  Do not overfill yourself or eat a large meal late at night.  Eating late can lead to insomnia.  Stomach/Spleen loves yellow/orange and sweet foods.  When you are craving sweet, consider integrating more Earth nurturing foods.  Elevate your connection to food.  Food is consciousness, essence and energy!  Each food carries a unique message and the promise of growth, unconditional love, and the cycle of life.  

Specific foods: ginger, tomatoes, mushrooms, scallions, celery, zucchini, chinese red dates, watermelon, red grapefruit, bamboo shoots, fennel, lotus seed, bee pollen, cinnamon, peanuts, chinese barley, yellow mung beans, beets, red apples, hawthorn berry, papaya, soy bean curd, sweet potato, butternut squash, chinese pumpkin (aka butter cup squash).  Please visit my eating for healing page to learn more on how to support your digestive system and discover easy, delicious recipes.  


Remember all symptoms and signs are your body’s creative expression!  They are guiding you to connect into the deeper emotional and spiritual aspects of each organ from which they arise.  

“The Body Never Lies!” Grand Master Nan Lu 

In many Five Element Charts, Stomach/Spleen is also represented at the center.  This is because Earth is where all the action is!  If your Earth energy is out of balance you may experience bloating, belching, cramping, IBS symptoms, food sensitivities/intolerance, and headaches (especially over the forehead or sinuses).  In addition, the Stomach/Spleen is connected with the muscles.  So muscle weakness or atrophy are assoicated with Earth imbalance.  

Emotionally overthinking and worry impact Stomach/Spleen function and are a sign of imbalance.  Though these emotions have a place in our process, becoming stuck in them creates stagnation.  

The experience of vertigo and dizziness is also a sign that there is an imbalance in the energy at our center, Stomach/Spleen.

Craving sugar/sweet is also a sign the Stomach/Spleen is actually craving energetic support!

Co-operative Relationships

The Liver/Gallbladder/Wood has a sensitive co-operative connection with Stomach/Spleen/Earth.  Just as all things that grow must connect into the Earth to do so.  When energy stagnates in the Liver/Gallbladder, digestive system imbalance can arise such as heart burn, IBS, bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, and even yeast overgrowth.  

Stomach/Spleen/Earth and Kidney/Bladder/Water have a sensitive co-operative relationship.  If this relationship is out of balance, food allergies can arise.  In addition, the Stomach/Spleen relies on Kidney/Bladder to help clear dampness.  Dampness is akin to the experience of water leaking into a basement.  There are many steps that are needed to clear it.  Dampness can acumulate due to physical and emotional imbalances over time.  

In addition, a strong Stomach/Spleen can ensure we absorb the energy and essence from the foods we eat.  Thus we depend less on our precious inherited Qi for our day to day life.

Parent/Child Relationships

“The way to a wo(man’s) Heart is through his/her Stomach!”  This is absolutely true.  When the Stomach/Spleen is out of balance, the Heart/Small Intestine can become drained over time.  Nuturing Earth is the best way to support the Heart.  

The Stomach/Spleen is the mother of the Lung/Large Intestine.  After the Spleen manifests Qi, she sends this precious resource downstream to the Lung for distribution throughout the body. 

Spirit Gate Breathing

This form of breathing is a great way to nurture your center.  Focus to your navel.  When you breathe in, draw the belly in.  When you breathe out, push your belly out.  The navel is a Spirit Gate.  This magical button connects you to your genetic line as well as to a time when you were in perfect alignement, in utero, with all of Nature.  Begin this practice daily, especially before sleep and upon awakening.  You can also use this practice before beginning a meal.  You can use your mind to intentionally envision a loving connection between you, your loved one’s, and all of Nature.  Overtime the practice will become a natural healing habit.  Click the link below to hear more on this powerful Spirit Gate from Grand Master Nan Lu of The Tao of Healing.

Energy Exercises

You can build your Stomach/Spleen energy with Qigong energy exercises such as The Four Energy Gates, Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention, and the Dragon’s Way Qigong pose, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.  These exercises are essential to support your body, mind, and spirit, if you wish to reach the highest level of healing.  

Our body has an energy grid called the Meridian System.  Like highways, this system connects every cell and tissue and impacts the function of every organ.  According to Chinese Medicine, when energy is moving and flowing in the Meridians disease cannot enter and healing naturally follows.  

The purpose of Qigong energy exercises is to open the energy flow within the Meridians.  Below are two practices: Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention and The Four Energy Gates.  Begin these practices daily and share them with your family.  The goal is that they become your “healing habit.”  

Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention

The Four Energy Gates

Energy Movement to Strengthen Lung Function


The pandemic is challenging all of us at a level most of us have never experienced.  And we must meet this challenge to heal.  To do so, we must go to the level of Spirit.  The pandemic is here for a higher purpose for ALL of us.  Open your beliefs to this possiblility and it will reveal itself to you!  In addition, practicing the meditative Qigong pose “The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth” will help you build energy and support you to taking your practice to the level of Spirit.  In Chinese culture, the Dragon represents absolute fearlessness, mystery, and the power to breakthrough ANYTHING!  When you stand in this powerful pose, it is like you are plugging yourself in or opening up for an update.  

Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart.  Raise the hands to chest level and point your thumbs at each other in a loose fist.  Draw your hands back to the chest, maintaining the position.  Now, allow the elbows to relax so that it also relaxes the shoulders and neck.  Not horizontal and not dropped fully to the sides.  Feel that sweet spot inbetween.  Bend your knees slightly and close your eyes.  You can practice with or without music / meditation and in or outdoors.  Allow your breathing to be natural.  If balance is an issue you can open your eyes or stand against a wall or a piece of furniture.  

The longer you hold the pose, the more benefit and energy you will receive.  Start with 5 minutes and push yourself to hold the pose continuously for 15, 20, 30 minutes and beyond!  Learn more about Dragon’s Way Qigong.  

Join us everyday at 12 PM holding this pose connecting our healing consciousness across space and time!

Watch this video to learn the pose from Grand Master Nan Lu

For more information on how to care for your Stomach/Spleen please visit TCM World, explore Dragon’s Way Qigong, dive into Grand Master Nan Lu’s new website, and explore Grand Master Nan Lu on Youtube  Melissa Laborsky, MD 2014