kidneybuttonAnswers Lie Within.”  Grand Master Nan LU

The Kidney/Bladder is the resevoir of our precious Life Force, our inherited Qi.  This includes our genetic inheritance and beyond.  

We receive this gift from our parents and it is nurtured during our time in-utero.

After birth, our Kidney/Bladder Qi begins a decline in cycles of 7 for women and 8 for men.  How we experience this decline in Qi over time, depends on the reservoir we received as well as the relationship between our Kidney/Bladder with all other organ systems (see discussion below).

More than any other organ, the Kidney/Bladder is impacted by our life-style.  Even if you inherit an abundant reservoir, you can drain this precous Qi through conscious and unconscious energy leaks.

The season that shares the frequency of Kidney/Bladder is Winter.  The very nature of human existence goes against the Natural law of Winter.  Observe Nature during Winter.  This is a time for conservation, rest, and hibernation.  The energy of Earth turns inward.  The purpose of this restorative pause is to prepare Earth for the transformational expansion of Spring.  

In human life, we live as if we are in the perpetual creative, active expansion of Spring.  When we remain in this state continuously, it becomes a significant energy drain.  When we behave as if it is Spring during Winter, we expend more than twice our usual energy because we are going AGAINST Natural law.  

In addition, we have also become out of balance due to the excessive energy of FEAR that has been building long before the emergence of the pandemic.  The presence and intensity of FEAR is an invitation to turn inward and connect to the wisdom within.  We carry within us a lineage that has survived and thrived for thousands of years.  We can choose to connect to this consciousness.  

Water is the element associated with Kidney/Bladder.  The stillness of a pond, the depth and power of the ocean, the ability to carve and transform the hardest stone.  Water holds within the essence of all LIFE.  

IMG 5130

The Key to Kidney/Bladder Health: Turn Inward!  Conserve!

Listen to Your Body

Our Kidney/Bladder speak to us continuously, telling us when we are over-doing it.  You will hear/feel the subtle (or not so subtle) ache of the low back, the feet (my dogs are barking!), fatigue, anxiety, etc.  If you listen, rest, and support the Kidney/Bladder through energy exercises, you will be rewarded.  If you don’t listen, eventually Kidney/Bladder will take you down so you get the rest you need, already!

Disconnect to Connect

Now more than ever we depend on our electronic devices for connectivity.  The intensity and pace of the connection continues to amplify.  This demands our attention and life force energy.  One of the most powerful ways to conserve your precious Qi is to become conscious and mindful of how and when you choose to connect through your device.  Take breaks whenever possible and dedicated time away from all electronic devices.  Even a few minutes gazing outside at Nature while engaged electronically can be beneficial!  

Do not use your cell phone as an alarm clock.  The signal (even in airplane mode!), can disrupt your sleep cycle.  Everything functions better when given the chance to power down!

Allow Yourself to be Supported

In Five Element Theory, we discover that everything in Nature exists at a high level of co-operation, connection, and support. This includes the interworking of our Body, Mind, and Spirit. When we allow ourselves to receive support in our day-to-day life, we free up our energy to heal, connect to our life's purpose, and deepen our connection to others so eager to provide the support we need to align with that purpose!

Be Exercise Aware

Physical exercise expends our precious life force.  Many use physical exercise to release stress and escape the mind.  Though this is a benefit, it comes at a cost.  Now more than ever we need to be very cautious about how we spend our energy.  Do not exercise if you are feeling tired or have physical symptoms.  If you tune into the messages within, your body will guide you on how it wishes to move.  Intentionally slow down and take slow walks in Nature, she has much wisdom to share with you.  The best exercise at this time is SLEEP, relaxation, meditation, and energy exercises that conservatively benefit every organ in the body while calming the mind and releasing stress.

Tune In

Beyond the physical level, our Kidney/Bladder is our connection to our inherited wisdom and beyond.  If we quiet our mind through the breath, meditation, and Qigong, we can tap into this power.  Allow yourself to recall past moments when you have felt fearless and powerful in your life.  Envision the time, the space, and how it felt within your body.  This recollection can reawaken the power of your Kidney/Bladder!  Enjoy this video: Emotions & Imagination: Faith Over Fear

Learn more through this video Qigong for Anxiety

Enlightenment / Healing Lies Beneath YOUR FEET!


The Kidney meridian line begins at the bottom of our feet.  This is quite literally the bubbling spring of our life force.  Keeping the feet warm is an excellent way to support your Kidney energy.  In addition, you can massage the feet, especially the point where the Kidney meridian begins with your hands or roll your foot on a tennis or golf ball.  The location is slightly lower than in the image above.  Use your thumbs to find it, as it will be tender.  Use ginger or cinnamon oil for extra warming benefit.  Our higher level brain function and intelligence is directly related to our Kidney function.  As this meridian begins at the bottom of the feet, you can nurture your feet to nurture your brain!


You can also nurture your feet in a warm bath with ginger or cinnamon oil or even a splash of red wine.  The wine helps to open circulation (yes, enjoy a glass for yourself as well if the moment calls for it!)


In general, salty essence goes to the Kidney/Bladder.  Specific healing foods: cauliflower, fennel, walnuts, black sesame seeds, bee pollen, cinnamon, bone soup, pine nuts, black beans, sesame oil, walnut oil, seafood (especially shellfish such as shrimp/squid/lobster/clams), goji berry, daikon radish.  Please visit my eating for healing page to learn more on how to support your digestive system and discover easy, delicious recipes.  


Remember all symptoms and signs are your body’s creative expression!  They are guiding you to connect into the deeper emotional and spiritual aspects of each organ from which they arise.  

“The Body Never Lies!” Grand Master Nan Lu 

When our Kidney/Bladder energy is strong, we are strong and we are fearless!  If we begin to experience scarcity of life force, we may feel like we do not have enough to take on and face daily life.  This can show up emotionally as fear, anxiety, and panic. 

When we think of cycles, most of us simply accept that agining brings certain changes.  For example, consider menopause.  Women cycle in 7’s to age 49 when we anticipate menopause to arrive.  In Chinese Medicine, menopause is called a “second spring.”  This is because if the the Kidney/Bladder is strong, a woman has the energetic opportunity to shift from the cycles needed for child bearing.  Energy is freed up for a new beginning!  All menopause symptoms, bone loss, mood swings, hot flashes, etc, are a sign of Kidney/Bladder imbalance.  

The same is true for men.  Men cycle in 8’s and if the Kidney/Bladder is scarce symptoms can arise around age 64 as “manopause.”  These include low testosterone, low libido, and mood swings. 

At the physical level we may begin to react to our environment, developing allergies.  This also can result in sensitivity to foods.  The root is the experience of scarcity of Kidney/Bladder Qi and the symptoms will show themselves through relationship imbalances.  

Other physical signs include low back, knee, heel, and foot pain.  As the bones are the the tissue associated with Kidney/Bladder, fractures and osteopenia or osteoporosis are also signs of imbalance.  

The prostate is part of the Kidney/Bladder system energetically.  Any prostate condition such as prostatits, benign prostate enlargement, and prostate cancer are signs of stagnation / imbalance.

Fertility depends upon both the Kidney/Bladder and Liver/Gallbladder energy.  To create a new life, you need sufficient life force to do so.  

The window of the Kidney/Bladder is the ear.  Any hearing loss or tinnitis reveal imbalance.  When this system is strong, we will be able to expand how we hear and connect to information through hearing.  

Our higher level brain function and intelligence is directly related to our Kidney function.  As this meridian begins at the bottom of the feet, you can nurture your feet to nurture your brain!


Stomach/Spleen/Earth and Kidney/Bladder/Water have a sensitive co-operative relationship.  If this relationship is out of balance, food allergies can arise.  In addition, the Stomach/Spleen relies on Kidney/Bladder to help clear dampness.  Dampness is akin to the experience of water leaking into a basement.  There are many steps that are needed to clear it.  Dampness can acumulate due to physical and emotional imbalances over time.  

In addition, a strong Stomach/Spleen can ensure we absorb the energy and essence from the foods we eat.  Thus we depend less on our precious inherited Qi for our day to day life.

Our Heart/Small Intestine/Fire relies on the Kidney/Bladder/Water to maintain energetic balance.  If the life force becomes scarce, one can see hot flashes and heart conditions.  When we think of cycles, it is no surpise that we see a rise in heart disease in women after they reach menopause.  This is because the Kidney/Bladder energy is not sufficient to balance Heart/Small Intestine.  Heart/Small Intestine provides the faith and infinite creativity to support Kidney/Bladder in reaching its highest potential: expressing our genetic/inherited WISDOM.   


The mother of Kidney/Bladder is the Lung/Large Intestine.  The Lung/Large Intestine are organs that help us sort and let go of what we no longer need, at every level.  Consciously tuning into this processing can help free up nurturing energy.  This can be seen in Nature through the need for trees to release their leaves in Fall (season of Lung/Large Intestine) before Winter arrives.  If the trees held onto those leaves, they would become a burden and could end the cycle of life.  Asthma is a condition that is rooted in Kidney but shows through the Lung.  

The Kidney/Bladder is the mother of the Liver/Gallbladder.  Our Liver/Gallbladder is the system that helps us process stress and is our organ of ultimate creative expression.  Managing your stress, reducing the busyness of daily life, and tapping into your creativity are essential to keep the Liver/Gallbladder happy.  A happy Liver/Gallbladder will be less of a drain on mama Kidney/Bladder.  Together these organ systems empower our resilience in life.

Spirit Gate Breathing

Focus to your navel.  When you breathe in, draw the belly in.  When you breathe out, push your belly out.  The navel is a Spirit Gate.  This magical button connects you to your genetic line as well as to a time when you were in perfect alignement, in utero, with all of Nature.  Begin this practice daily, especially before sleep and upon awakening.  You can use your mind to intentionally envision a loving connection between you, your loved one’s, and all of Nature.  Overtime the practice will become a natural healing habit.  Click the link below to hear more on this powerful Spirit Gate from Grand Master Nan Lu of The Tao of Healing.

Energy Exercises

You can build your Kidney/Bladder energy with Qigong energy exercises such as The Four Energy Gates, Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention, and the Dragon’s Way Qigong pose, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.  These exercises are essential to support your body, mind, and spirit, if you wish to reach the highest level of healing.  

Our body has an energy grid called the Meridian System.  Like highways, this system connects every cell and tissue and impacts the function of every organ.  According to Chinese Medicine, when energy is moving and flowing in the Meridians disease cannot enter and healing naturally follows.  

The purpose of Qigong energy exercises is to open the energy flow within the Meridians.  Below are two practices: Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention and The Four Energy Gates.  Begin these practices daily and share them with your family.  The goal is that they become your “healing habit.”  

Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention

The Four Energy Gates

Energy Movement to Strengthen Lung Function


The pandemic is challenging all of us at a level most of us have never experienced.  And we must meet this challenge to heal.  To do so, we must go to the level of Spirit.  The pandemic is here for a higher purpose for ALL of us.  Open your beliefs to this possiblility and it will reveal itself to you!  In addition, practicing the meditative Qigong pose “The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth” will help you build energy and support you to taking your practice to the level of Spirit.  In Chinese culture, the Dragon represents absolute fearlessness, mystery, and the power to breakthrough ANYTHING!  When you stand in this powerful pose, it is like you are plugging yourself in or opening up for an update.  

Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart.  Raise the hands to chest level and point your thumbs at each other in a loose fist.  Draw your hands back to the chest, maintaining the position.  Now, allow the elbows to relax so that it also relaxes the shoulders and neck.  Not horizontal and not dropped fully to the sides.  Feel that sweet spot inbetween.  Bend your knees slightly and close your eyes.  You can practice with or without music / meditation and in or outdoors.  Allow your breathing to be natural.  If balance is an issue you can open your eyes or stand against a wall or a piece of furniture.  

The longer you hold the pose, the more benefit and energy you will receive.  Start with 5 minutes and push yourself to hold the pose continuously for 15, 20, 30 minutes and beyond!  Learn more about Dragon’s Way Qigong.  

Join us everyday at 12 PM holding this pose connecting our healing consciousness across space and time!

Watch this video to learn the pose from Grand Master Nan Lu

For more information on how to care for your Kidney/Bladder please visit TCM World, explore Dragon’s Way Qigong, dive into Grand Master Nan Lu’s new website, and explore Grand Master Nan Lu on Youtube  Melissa Laborsky, MD 2014