Quantum Functional Medicine

Tenets of Quantum Physics Tree updated

The current pandemic offers us undeniable proof of the quantum spiritual concept of oneness.  We are all connected.  Modern medicine depends upon the tenets of quantum physics but analyzes information through Newtonian principles.  The future of medicine and global healing REQUIRES us to elevate our perspective to the quantum level.        

Relativity Theory


  • E = Energy     M = Mass    C² = speed of light

Matter and energy are different manifestations of the same thing.  They are interchangeable.  Under the right conditions physical and emotional energy can be converted into solid matter / a diagnosis that can be made at the visible level.  Under the right conditions solid matter / a diagnosis can be converted into free energy.

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Space-Time Continuum

Space and time cannot be separated from one another.  The time it has taken to manifest a physical condition (space) cannot be separated from the condition itself.  Time includes the full physical and emotional experience leading up to diagnosis.

Space can also be considered the visible material of the body at the cellular, tissue/organ level.  With this concept, time is thus the invisible energy network known as the meridian system.  This invisible energy network connects to all visible space of the body.

The Meridian network therefore provides the energetic link that impact function of every organ in the body.  This network also connects us to energetic information in our environment. 




To understand the full picture of atomic reality, one must accept its dual, seemingly contradictory nature.  For example, light exists as both a wave and a particle.  

If something exists in this reality, its complement must therefore exist.  

If we are able to manifest a physical / emotional condition, we have the program to heal this condition.  

This concept was explained by Niels Bohr.  When he was knighted, he chose the Yin / Yang symbol for his coat of arms.  Yin / Yang theory and complementarity are one and the same!

“Opposites are Complementary.”



Quantum physicists have revealed that our physical world cannot be reduced to fundamental solid particles.  The have discovered a dynamic, complex web of energy where separateness has been found to be an illusion.  

Ancient Chinese Masters discovered this same truth and explained this oneness through the Five Element Consciousness Framework.


Spirit IS a quantum concept because everything is energy.  All energy has consciousness.  All consciousness has purpose.  

“From a Spiritual perspective, there is no illness or disease, there’s only undiscovered purpose”

Grand Master Nan Lu

5x7 Energy


Organ Function, Emotions, & Spirit: Five Element Consciousness

Acupuncture, Herbs, and Qigong Energy Exercises

By helping the body to process energetically what has become blocked and increasing flow, organ function improves.  When organ function improves, balance and harmony can be achieved in relationships between organ systems.  When this balance and harmony reaches a requirement, healing follows, NATURALLY!  This opens the possiblity for tapping into the purpose and consciousnes behind the symptoms / condition.  

Case Example of Quantum Functional Medicine

CQ is a 64 year old female who initially presented in 12/2017 with scattered thinking, left knee pain, occasional right foot pain on the lateral aspect of the dorsum (site of a bone spur surgery many years ago), and stress urinary incontinence.  She admits to maintaining a very busy lifestyle, raarely taking time to even sit down to eat.

We began supporting with acupuncture, herbs, and Dragon’s Way Qigong but above all the recommendation she begin to conserve energy and slow down when her body was “telling” her to.

2/27/2018 CQ stepped out of bed and experienced severe foot pain:


Through relativity theory, our focus became how can we harness enough energy to manifest bone mass.

We continued herbs, acupuncture, and she increased her Dragon’s Way Qigong to bring in more free energy.

She focused on reducing the busyness that had been draining her energy for decades.  She had no choice but to slow down!

The consciousness behind this “show” was her Spirit’s creative way of forcing her to slow down, support her energy, and become aware of underlying emotions she was not addressing. 

CQ has a recurrent pattern of “not standing up for herself and being strong.”

With complementarity, we both held faith that if she manifested this fracture she absolutely could manifest the power and program to heal it!

Three months later, she had accomplished just that!


Hear directly from CQ, her powerful healing story!


Through the tenets of Quantum Physics we see that we each embody the ability to connect to infinite healing power.  

Grand Master Nan Lu was the first to introduce me to the modern science foundation of Chinese Medicine through his teachings and his transformative work Digesting the Universe 


Energy Exercises

You can tap into your healing power with Qigong energy exercises such as Spirit Gate Breathing, The Four Energy Gates, Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention, and the Dragon’s Way Qigong pose, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.  These exercises are essential to support your body, mind, and spirit, if you wish to reach the highest level of healing.  

Our body has an energy grid called the Meridian System.  Like highways, this system connects every cell and tissue and impacts the function of every organ.  According to Chinese Medicine, when energy is moving and flowing in the Meridians disease cannot enter and healing naturally follows.  

The purpose of Qigong energy exercises is to open the energy flow within the Meridians.  Below are two practices: Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention and The Four Energy Gates.  Begin these practices daily and share them with your family.  The goal is that they become your “healing habit.”  

Spirit Gate Breathing

Focus to your navel.  When you breathe in, draw the belly in.  When you breathe out, push your belly out.  The navel is a Spirit Gate.  This magical button connects you to your genetic line as well as to a time when you were in perfect alignement, in utero, with all of Nature.  Begin this practice daily, especially before sleep and upon awakening.  You can use your mind to intentionally envision a loving connection between you, your loved one’s, and all of Nature.  Overtime the practice will become a natural healing habit.  Click the link below to hear more on this powerful Spirit Gate from Grand Master Nan Lu of The Tao of Healing.


Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention

The Four Energy Gates

Energy Movement to Strengthen Lung Function


The pandemic is challenging all of us at a level most of us have never experienced.  And we must meet this challenge to heal.  To do so, we must go to the level of Spirit.  The pandemic is here for a higher purpose for ALL of us.  Open your beliefs to this possiblility and it will reveal itself to you!  In addition, practicing the meditative Qigong pose “The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth” will help you build energy and support you to taking your practice to the level of Spirit.  In Chinese culture, the Dragon represents absolute fearlessness, mystery, and the power to breakthrough ANYTHING!  When you stand in this powerful pose, it is like you are plugging yourself in or opening up for an update.  

Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart.  Raise the hands to chest level and point your thumbs at each other in a loose fist.  Draw your hands back to the chest, maintaining the position.  Now, allow the elbows to relax so that it also relaxes the shoulders and neck.  Not horizontal and not dropped fully to the sides.  Feel that sweet spot inbetween.  Bend your knees slightly and close your eyes.  You can practice with or without music / meditation and in or outdoors.  Allow your breathing to be natural.  If balance is an issue you can open your eyes or stand against a wall or a piece of furniture.  

The longer you hold the pose, the more benefit and energy you will receive.  Start with 5 minutes and push yourself to hold the pose continuously for 15, 20, 30 minutes and beyond!  Learn more about Dragon’s Way Qigong.  

Join us everyday at 12 PM holding this pose connecting our healing consciousness across space and time!

Watch this video to learn the pose from Grand Master Nan Lu


For more information please visit TCM World, explore Dragon’s Way Qigong, dive into Grand Master Nan Lu’s new website, and explore Grand Master Nan Lu on Youtube

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