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Menstrual Cycle

According to Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the organ energetically responsible for the flow of the menstrual cycle.  The Liver helps us process stress, frustration, anger and in general balanced flow of emotions.  The Liver is about flexibility and flow in all aspects of the life and body.  If the Liver energy is balanced, the menstrual cycle should come and go like the passing phases of the moon.  It is an opportunity for the body to release and renew itself.  Any physical symptoms (headaches, breast swelling/pain, back pain, digestive issues, mood swings, heavy flow, clotting) before or during the cycle are a sign of Liver energy stagnation.  

Traditional treatments such as the use of birth control pills mask the underlying root cause and can contribute to further Liver energy imbalance over time.  Acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and Dragon’s Way Qigong are powerful tools to help alleviate menstrual symptoms and restore Liver balance and harmony within the body.  In general, most Liver issues are related to “cold” energy stuck in the uterus.  You can integrate warming foods and teas during the cycle to help release these symptoms.  These include ginger, clove, cinnamon, scallions, fennel, and warm cooked foods.  Applying heat to the lower abdomen and using warming essential oils such as ginger or cinnamon or topical tiger balm are also beneficial.  

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The Liver and Kidney energy together are responsible for fertility.  The menstrual cycle provides a “picture” of the flow or lack of flow of Liver energy.  Read the above section to learn more.  Additional signs of Liver energy stagnation include migraines, seasonal allergies in the Spring, digestive issues, anemia, eye problems, and sports injuries.  When the Liver is out of balance for a prolonged time it drains our precious life force, Kidney energy.  Signs of Kidney energy imbalance include fatigue, anxiety, low back, knee, heel, or foot pain, any allergies (environmental / food), and auto-immune conditions.  You can help restore Liver and Kidney balance to boost immunity with acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and Dragon’s Way Qigong.  

Remember that conception requires TWO partners!  Encourage your man to review the section on Men’s Health to maximize fertility and support overall health and wellness.

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Pregnancy is a unique energetic opportunity for both mother and child.  During pregnancy you “download” your child with their life force Kidney Qi.  This is the energy foundation of the child’s health, wellness, and intelligence.  Encourage your partner to review the section on Men’s Health as he too provides an essential aspect of this “download” for your child!  For a mother, the body undergoes incredible transformation to support the developing child.  The birth process is also a time of profound energetic shifts for both mother and child.  

For this reason, tuning into your body pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, at birth, and post-partum are an essential aspect of a woman’s life cycle.  

Creating balance and harmony within the body, supports mother and child through this transformative time and beyond.  

Pre-pregnancy, you can prepare yourself through acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and beginning a self-healing program with Dragon’s Way Qigong.  Because of the energetic combination of mother, child, and the process of pregnancy itself, I do not perform acupuncture, acupressure, or use herbs during pregnancy.  However, you can support yourself with Dragon’s Way Qigong, healing foods, and specialized Qigong exercises for the symptoms of pregnancy.  

In China, many women choose to take a full month to rest and support their energy with healing foods and energy exercises post-partum.  Doing so helps support their future health and wellbeing.  It is safe to resume acupuncture, acupressure, and herbs during this time, in addition to The Dragon’s Way practice.  Breast feeding creates high demand on the body, so boosting your energy in any way possible helps to keep the flow on all levels!

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