Awaken Your Immune Health!


Symptoms are here to guide us.  Discover your guides and how you can jump  start healing today!

This video is day 1 of the 5 Days / 5 Ways to Awaken Your Immune Health! In this session, I lay the foundation of the immune system through the lens of Chinese Medicine and introduce you to the language and messages that come from within as symptoms. These symptoms are our guides! They are revealing which organ systems are in need of balance and support. True immune health goes way beyond our ability to fight infections!


Awaken Your Digestion!  Nurturing your body with healing foods.

Our digestive system plays an important role in immunity.  We rely on this system to help us receive, process, digest, and transform EVERYTHING, including viruses and bacteria.  In this session we explore how to support digestive health and connect with the energy and essence of food to support healing.  Oops…I forgot to record this session but you can connect with the content through the link below and enjoy this cooking demonstration!

Eating for Healing  Cooking Demo

emotional eggs

Awaken Your Emotions!  Emotions...Energy in motion.

This session is day 3 of 5 Days / 5 Ways to Awaken Your Immune Health!  In this session we explore how emotions are directly connected to organ function.  We play with how to be present, play with, and move these emotions to support healing!

No Accidents

Awaken to Spirit!  Symptoms are guiding you for a higher purpose.  

This is day 4 of 5 Days / 5 Ways to Awaken Your Immune Health.  In this session we explore how every physical and emotional symptom is present as guidance from our higher self.  When we connect to their purpose we accelerate healing.  We also explore how the practice of Qigong supports you on this journey of aligning Body, Mind, and Spirit!  We hear first hand from a patient who experienced complications from COVID, awakened to the higher purpose of these symptoms, and cleared digestive imbalance, heart palpitations, severe anxiety, and fatigue.

Integration & Next Steps…

This is day 5 of 5 Days / 5 Ways to Awaken Your Immune Health!  In this final session, we explore how we have awakened a path that not only impacts our health but every aspect of our lives!  This becomes a practice of deepening our connection and integration Body, Mind, & Spirit.  We explore how to LIVE the practice and get to hear first hand from a patient who transformed her health from critical hyperTENSION to ease and flow, greater vitality, and happiness!  Melissa Laborsky, MD 2014