Xiao Dao

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Since 2018, under the guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu, I began to transform my practice through Xiao Dao. Through it, I honor physical and emotional symptoms as a gift manifested by Spirit as a way to communicate a path to a healthy life. We open to this gift by improving our ability to digest and process the energy of stuck symptoms. 

Improved processing, in turn, increases overall organ function, naturally restoring internal balance and harmony. Restored flow within the body opens us to deeper flow within our lives. At the highest level, we awaken our ability to heal and to connect to the flow of all that is — an intuitive way of being and seeing. 

How do we read these symptoms? How do we understand these messages? It can be very confusing when we have unconsciously been ignoring or blocking them for years. 

Xiao Dao helps us peel back the layers. It meets us where we are. It helps us digest what we are ready to work through, physically and emotionally. The more open we are, the more quickly this processing unfolds. At the heart is our drive for expression through our own unique Spirit. 

The Xiao Dao approach aligns with processing as it occurs in Nature. Because we are part of Nature, it also aligns with our internal functions.

In technique, we focus on creating the space for processing through the organ function system of the Stomach. Its energy matches that of the Earth, which can digest anything it receives. Our Stomach has the ability to help us process all physical and emotional conditions, past and present. 

We integrate the Liver/Wood energy to help break through, move, and transform what has become stuck. Liver/Wood is the essence of Spring, Earth’s ultimate transformative show. The alignment of acupoints in Xiao Dao, also embodies the essence and purpose of this approach.  

Click the image below to hear a reflection by Grand Master Nan Lu on the meaning and benefits of Xiao Dao.


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