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Unstuck the Uck.

Let’s face it, we all get stuck from time to time.  Sometimes facing just a bit of resistance and sometimes we may feel like we are sucked into a tar pit of uck.  These intense moments hold wisdom, messages, gifts, and the secret to breaking through them!  However, we have to unwrap that sticky uck packaging to get to the good stuff.  In this session I will share my uck story, how I broke through, and how you too can access this super power!


We all live on this ship were in order to keep things afloat we have to be connected / aware / responsive to what we experience.  In this, Freedom Friday, we explore how the health of ALL relationships begins within.

Road Blocks & Detours.

When life brings us road blocks it also brings up so many feelings / experiences.  We may find ourselves angry, frustrated, resistant, stuck!!! But what if these road blocks were also an opportunity to turn off the GPS and tune into our intuitive guidance?  What if the detour opened a whole new path and possibility??

Emotion & Imagination: We Create Heaven.  We Create Hell.

We create and express our life experience through emotions.  Emotion...Energy in MOTION. Our imagination is an infinite, powerful tool that can evoke every emotion.  We can create and experience both heaven and hell through this gift.  We will explore emotions, how they impact organ function, and how we can use our imagination for healing.  This is the first in a series of FIVE sessions where we will dive in and play with this magical concept. Each week we will see through the lens of a different organ system.  We continue our five part journey to explore the power of our emotions and imagination to empower healing.  

Emotion & Imagination: Drawing Upon Wood/Liver/Gallbladder

This Friday our focus is the mystical magical connectivity of Wood / Liver / Gallbladder.  This system helps us process stress / frustration.  It is the source of our infinite creativity AND our growing edge in all of life.  

Emotion & Imagination: Faith Over Fear

We continue our deep dive into the role of emotions and imagination in healing as we explore the power and wisdom of Water / Kidney / Bladder: Faith over Fear!  This system is the reservoir of our life force energy.  Through this system we have the potential to connect to the wisdom of our inherited lineage and beyond!

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