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Unstuck the Uck.

Let’s face it, we all get stuck from time to time.  Sometimes facing just a bit of resistance and sometimes we may feel like we are sucked into a tar pit of uck.  These intense moments hold wisdom, messages, gifts, and the secret to breaking through them!  However, we have to unwrap that sticky uck packaging to get to the good stuff.  In this session I will share my uck story, how I broke through, and how you too can access this super power!


We all live on this ship were in order to keep things afloat we have to be connected / aware / responsive to what we experience.  In this, Freedom Friday, we explore how the health of ALL relationships begins within.

Road Blocks & Detours.

When life brings us road blocks it also brings up so many feelings / experiences.  We may find ourselves angry, frustrated, resistant, stuck!!! But what if these road blocks were also an opportunity to turn off the GPS and tune into our intuitive guidance?  What if the detour opened a whole new path and possibility??

Emotion & Imagination: We Create Heaven.  We Create Hell.

We create and express our life experience through emotions.  Emotion...Energy in MOTION. Our imagination is an infinite, powerful tool that can evoke every emotion.  We can create and experience both heaven and hell through this gift.  We will explore emotions, how they impact organ function, and how we can use our imagination for healing.  This is the first in a series of FIVE sessions where we will dive in and play with this magical concept. Each week we will see through the lens of a different organ system.  We continue our five part journey to explore the power of our emotions and imagination to empower healing.  

Emotion & Imagination: Drawing Upon Wood/Liver/Gallbladder

This Friday our focus is the mystical magical connectivity of Wood / Liver / Gallbladder.  This system helps us process stress / frustration.  It is the source of our infinite creativity AND our growing edge in all of life.  

Emotion & Imagination: Faith Over Fear

We continue our deep dive into the role of emotions and imagination in healing as we explore the power and wisdom of Water / Kidney / Bladder: Faith over Fear!  This system is the reservoir of our life force energy.  Through this system we have the potential to connect to the wisdom of our inherited lineage and beyond!

Emotion & Imagination: Metal ~ Refine to Shine

We continue our exploration on emotions and imagination in healing by shifting our focus to the power of our Metal element.  Metal shines the light of our Spirit into the world. The Metal on Earth came from the stars and that precious energy is within us.  

Emotion & Imagination: Earth ~ Stomach / Spleen ~ THE PROCESS.

In our final session on the power of emotions and imagination to impact healing we explore Earth, our digestive system.  We rely on this system to help us process EVERYTHING!  How we see and experience our process can elevate digestion to the next level!

Beyond Breast Cancer.

Everything is energy. As we have been opening to and playing with in Wellness Lies Within, the key to all healing is flow.

When energy becomes stagnant we see physical and emotional symptoms arise such as digestive imbalance, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, depression, and pain.

At the extreme, energy that is not flowing is transformed into mass. The key to healing, even when a cancer diagnosis has been made, is returning to a state of flow at every level body, mind, & Spirit.

This Freedom Friday I will engage in a conversation with my friend, transformational coach, Chantal Leven

She has moved through a second diagnosis of breast cancer and is now in remission. She supports women moving through and beyond fear, so they can live life in remission by fully living their life mission.

Learn more about Chantal Leven 


Express Your Heart Through Art!

In this session of Freedom Friday, I join creativity coach Mara Belzer. All of life is our unique creative expression. When we choose to consciously connect to our creativity as a practice, we enliven living and can even empower healing!

Nurture Your Heart.

Our Heart is the house of our Spirit, our highest Self. As young children we were naturally in alignment with Spirit. Our life experiences often cause us to lose sight of this precious connection. However, it is always present!!!

In this session of Freedom Friday, I join Nurtured Heart Therapist Heather Meyer. Through the Nurtured Heart Approach she guides us to return to and ignite the Spirit spark within!

Divine Masculine 

We have been experiencing intense shifts in energy and dynamics on our planet, in our lives, in our bodies, and in how we connect in relationship.

To summarize...the old way of doin it', that old dynamic...has to go.

We are being called to level up our energies both the divine feminine / omega / yin AND the divine masculine / alpha / yang.

I explore this concept with Neil McGuffog of At the Core.

Empowering Beyond Trauma.

What if the traumatic experiences of your life held the secret to your super powers?!

Unprocessed trauma is held in the body as stuck patterns.  These patterns create pain, digestive issues, and even cancer.  These patterns hold intense emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, and rage.  

When we are able to move through this stagnation we not only release our energy to heal but also open to the truth, that there is a higher purpose to our experience!  

Often the most challenging experiences have the most to teach us and hold deep guidance and wisdom.

I explore this concept with my friend Barbara Bolton Schreiber of Sisters Rocking Courage!

School’s In Session: Time for Re-NEWal!

Back to school time aligns with the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. 

Nature begins her brilliant transition of letting go. This is also a call to all of us to turn inward, sort through our own "stuff," and let go of what no longer serves us. Doing so clears the way for a new foundation. 

Now comes the magic! We can CHOOSE what we bring in to build upon this new foundation. Our imagination is our only limit! I will join therapist Laura Weaver, MA, LMHC program director of the Retreat at the Cabin in Zionsville for a playful conversation on how you can create this possibility for yourself and your family.

Learn more about Laura and the Retreat at:


Birth, Re-Birth, Repeat...

The process of birth is profound. First of all, a little life was created! We grew a human! Then when the timing is just right labor begins. Oh boy...the excitement, the contractions, the expansions, the mess, the pain, the wails. And then there you have it, the life enters the world and that is just the beginning!

The creations in our lives are just like the process of birth! The Spiritual journey is also just like the process of birth! We are continuously at different phases of creation, birth, re-birth.

This Freedom Friday I join my dear friend, Kristin Hackman, author of "Just Breathe, Mama."

"After over a decade of parenting, four kids (triplets + one) that arrived within two years, and many many moments of feeling like I couldn’t breathe, this book is a declaration of the tiny little spaces I have found to save myself, from losing myself, in motherhood. I don’t know everything, but I do know you have to know yourself to love yourself. You have to love yourself to love your people.

Spend time with yourself. Be in Nature. Slow down. True connection. Creation. And when nothing else works, Just Breathe, Mama. This book is for you." ~ Kristin Hackman

Embodying Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude can take you a long way in our current reality. You can think about, talk about, and journal about gratitude, but can you fully "feel" your gratitude?

When we embody gratitude not just for others but for ourselves we welcome in a loving flow. This flow not only awakens us to the good stuff present all around but also supports deep healing.

I will explore this concept with passionate mind-body life coach and yogi, Lori Bisser.

In her podcast, Gratitude Sandwich, she combines stories from regular people about how gratitude surprised them in their lives. While she teaches mindfulness to children and adults she remains human and has not yet become “woke,” considering herself a quite fidgety contemplative.

Lori’s signature process for improving sleep and moving people in the direction of their dreams is changing lives! She loves LOVE which flows out to her family, helping people transform their lives, travel, cooking, eating, laughing, painting, and her dogs. Not necessarily in that order : ) 


Finding Grace in Grief

Grief, sadness. These are emotions that are challenging to presence but they MUST be fully felt.

Fall is the season that Mother Nature shows us the magic of being in our process of letting go. The trees gave birth to leaves in Spring, they were nurtured all Summer long, and now as Fall arrives, the energy must draw within. As this withdraw occurs, the leaves transform, fall to Earth and nurture the roots below. This process is necessary for the cycle of life to continue. When we experience trauma, we can become stuck, unable to process our grief and sadness.

This Freedom Friday I will explore how we can discover grace IN grief with Dr. Tanya English. Dr. Tanya English helps mothers and their families who have experienced stillbirth and pregnancy loss go from grief to grace.

Dr. Tanya English has been working for over 30 years in healing, first as a massage therapist, then as a chiropractor and energy healer.

Dr. English is also an accomplished blues singer. After experiencing a stillbirth in 1994 she had a profound healing experience through blues music. She then went on to practice chiropractic and energy healing for the next 18 years.

Dr. English started her band in 2012 and witnessed more healing with her audience and with her clients online internationally.  She knows that the darkest tragedy can hold an endless well of blessings!  https://healingwiththeblues.com/ 

The Power of Alignment.  

All of life around us is shifting and changing at warp speed. The chaos we experience reveals that the way we have been living no longer works. In Nature, control and manipulation do not exist. There is only high-level co-operation, collaboration, and infinite creativity. There was a time when all of humanity understood this powerful truth and followed the laws of Nature. 

Now more than ever, we need to return to Nature as our guide. I will explore the power of alignment with the cycles, seasons, and laws of Nature with Tracy Minor, of City Cricket Wellness. 

Tracy utilizes tools and modalities to facilitate the process of stepping away from the noise and reconnecting with our souls. In her monthly Soul Circle meetings, she guides women to connect with the rhythms of the natural world through meditation, breath work, rich discussion, connection to self and others. Learn More about Tracy Here: https://citycricket.net

The Weavers That KNOW Their Web.

There is a famous book on the foundation of Chinese Medicine by Ted Kaptchuk, OMD called “The Web that Has No Weaver.” This book explores the “invisible” web of support connecting all of Nature, the Universe, and humanity.

There are many of us all over the globe, call us energy or lightworkers, that are consciously choosing to connect into the web and intentionally weave our message, Spirit, and purpose. Though each of our angles and approaches may look different, they carry the same message of connection, collaboration, cooperation, and oneness.

Each of us weavers are connected by our web to one another. In these times of uncertainty and tumultuous change, weavers are being called to strengthen their conscious connection to the web and one another. In doing so we amplify and accelerate our own healing and our impact through our work in the world.

To be clear, the work is about our presence! You don’t have to have an official healing practice to be doing healing work! Your being is the doing.

I will explore this concept with fellow weavers Dr. Sandra Lewis of The Living Source & Jenny Merdinger of Turning Point Qi.

Dr. Sandra Lewis is a clinical psychologist and Personal Energy Strategist helping high-achieving women transform burnout, emotional overload, and self-doubt into sustainable purpose-driven success, confident leadership, and fulfillment. She supports women to make the impact they feel called to make in our world.

Dr. Sandra has extensive clinical and consulting experience as well as certifications in yoga, Qigong, and mindfulness. She has a unique ability to blend evidence-based research and ancient wisdom science into practical strategies to elevate well-being and effectiveness. She is the author of Life in 4-Part Harmony ~ Get Everything in Your Life to Work with Everything Else in Your Life.


Understanding the nature of personal reality has been a lifelong quest for Jenny Merdinger. She became a student of Grand Master Nan Lu in 2013, after following his energy healing system and resolving many chronic physical and emotional conditions. Years of intensive study and practice led Jenny to receive Master Lu's express permission to offer Wu Ming Qigong group programs and Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong 1:1 treatment. Jenny remains awed by the remarkable – and often unexpected – possibilities that are created when we discover the joy of knowing that healing is in our own hands!


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