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For over two decades, thousands of individuals have experienced the power of Dragon’s Way Qigong, created by Grand Master Nan Lu OMD, director of the Tao of Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.  

Since becoming a certified instructor in 2011, Dragon’s Way Qigong has been transforming both my life and practice.  Follow the link in the image below to hear my summary of why and how this program can transform your life!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Based upon the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Dragon’s Way combines Qigong, an ancient healing energy practice, eating for healing, and awakening to the consciousness of organ function, emotions, Nature, and healing foods.

This is more than a class or workshop.  This is a lifestyle r/Evolution!  Your body has long known how to restore balance and harmony; however, many of us begin to doubt and disconnect from this wisdom.  

Through Dragon’s Way Qigong you will re-awaken your healing power!  

Qigong: You will learn 10 simple movements that when practiced regularly will help increase the body's energy, or Qi, relieve energy blockages that are contributing to your physical and emotional symptoms, and deepen the connections between body, mind, and Spirit.

Eating For Healing: All food has an essence and energy.  Through the Dragon’s Way you will learn how to eat intuitively for YOUR highest healing potential.   

Herbs: Chinese herbs do not “force” the body to cleanse itself nor do they “replace” something presumed missing.  Herbs are like organic fertilizer in your healing garden.  They help provide the best conditions for your organ function to restore itself to a higher level.  Though herbs are an optional part of this program, they are highly encouraged.  They do not interact with any Western medications and I have used them personally and in practice since 2009.  

At its heart Dragon’s Way Qigong is a program that is based in energy.  We are energy beings.  Whatever we are manifesting in our lives and bodies is our energetic creativity.  The key to healing is building energy and restoring flow.  

Why the Dragon?  In Chinese culture the Dragon is revered as a symbol of freedom and fearlessness.  The Dragon has mastered all elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and can transcend dimensions.  This powerful message is the essence of Dragon’s Way Qigong!  

Hear directly from Grand Master Nan Lu the power of Dragon’s Way Qigong to impact your overall health and wellbeing!



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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Grand Master Lu has opened his teachings through two three week sessions: Answers Lie Within and The Body Never Lies.  Both are available by signing up for a free account at: 


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I have integrated the content of my Dragon’s Way Qigong classes through the link below!

Organ Function, Emotions & Spirit: Five Element Consciousness

Quantum Functional Medicine

Tenets of Quantum Physics Tree updated

Can’t wait??!!  Visit tcmworld.org and purchase the Dragon’s Way book and DVD from their online store.

Digesting the Universe: Discovering Our True Identity 


The five stages of metabolism function unfold from oneness. The first four physical stages (receiving, digesting, processing, and transformation) actually exist to support the invisible and most powerful stage, which relates to Spirit and gives profound meaning to the other four. Spirit is alive within each of us. This quality of being vibrantly alive is what defines a healthy human being.

If we can perform all five stages of metabolism function well, we become the physical manifestation of Universal consciousness. Then, we humans are literally “digesting the Universe”—not only for ourselves but for the greater consciousness of All That Is. Imagine how vital each of us is to this grand plan. No one is insignificant. Quite the opposite. In our day-to-day lives we lose sight of this eternal magnificence.  Digesting the Universe by Nan Lu, OMD

Pre-requisite: completion of Dragon’s Way Qigong

Digesting the Universe is a three month transformative journey integrating intensive herbs focusing on the three organ systems of the “vital triangle" of metabolism function, study of the Digesting the Universe text, and deepening daily practice of Dragon’s Way Qigong.  


“Thank you, Melissa, Indy Healing Center, for the guidance and inspiration in my journey to better health- better life!  TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach and Dragon’s Way classes have supported my healing process, replacing painful joint inflammation with relief and hope!!”

~ MW age 57

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