It was through Qigong that Ancient Masters discovered the secrets of Chinese Medicine and frameworks for understanding the Universe, Nature, and our place within it. 

Qigong is an energy practice. Our Meridian Network is an energetic system that acts like a grid connecting from the surface to deep within every organ. Qigong accesses this network through specific Meridian stretches and standing postures. When you place yourself in a standing posture you align yourself like a “plug” connecting your grid into Universal energy and consciousness. 

Qigong has been used to support healing many physical and emotional conditions. These conditions include pain, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, emotional imbalances, and cancer. This is because at the root EVERYTHING is energy. With sufficient flow and sufficient energy, healing is ALWAYS possible.  

There are many forms of Qigong but not all forms are equal in their ability to impact Body, Mind, Spirit healing. In general, there are forms that are taught by form and those that are taught by form and message. 

Practices that embody message have been passed down over 1000’s of years through a lineage of Ancient Masters. When you practice you connect to this message through the form. I am trained in Wu Ming Qigong. This lineage originated with Lao Tzu, the author of the Tao Te Ching and has been passed down through my teacher Grand Master Nan Lu.  Wu translates from Chinese to mean to think with the Heart, beyond the rational mind.  

The power of any practice depends upon both quality and quantity.  The quality of practice depends upon your connection as you open to the movements and the standing postures.  If you are distracted, extremely fatigued, or overwhelmed by emotions, the quality of your connection will be lower.  Choosing a time and space that allows you to tune in is ideal.  If you are overwhelmed by emotions, you may need to practice Taoist Emotional Cleansing or Spirit Gate Breathing before you drop into your Qigong practice.  

The more you practice, you will naturally cultivate a higher quality.  In addition, the standing postures depend upon your time held in connection.  If you open for a few minutes you receive a small benefit; however, the benefit increases exponentially with time.  I encourage you to slowly build the time you CONTINUOUSLY hold a standing posture.  Push yourself to 30 minutes and beyond!

Anything you feel within your body physically and emotionally, while practicing Qigong, is your energetic processing.  It is happening for GOOD!  If the experience becomes intense push yourself to hold the posture as long as possible.  These are the moments of breakthrough!

Join me as we open to the power of this transformative Body, Mind, Spirit practice!  Begin Dragon’s Way Qigong today!

Due to the current transformational environment, live Dragon’s Way Qigong classes are not in session.  However, now more than ever we need to connect into this powerful wisdom.  Please tune into the resources in the link below and email indyhealingcenter@gmail.com to be placed on a future wait list.

Begin your practice TODAY!

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As times change and lifestyles shift, we’re called to make changes that are physically and emotionally unfamiliar.  Our bodies automatically go into high gear and use internal resources to help us adjust.  The Fall Prevention Program will help you build energy, create inner balance and build higher levels of immunity.  The ancient system of healing believes that a body in balance has the know-how to defend itself against illness.  

Prevention doesn’t just happen— it requires time and effort.  You’re  worth it!

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Grand Master Lu has opened his teachings through two three week sessions: Answers Lie Within and The Body Never Lies.  Both are available by signing up for a free account at:


Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention

The Four Energy Gates

Energy Movement to Strengthen Lung Function


The pandemic is challenging all of us at a level most of us have never experienced.  And we must meet this challenge to heal.  To do so, we must go to the level of Spirit.  The pandemic is here for a higher purpose for ALL of us.  Open your beliefs to this possiblility and it will reveal itself to you!  In addition, practicing the meditative Qigong pose “The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth” will help you build energy and support you to taking your practice to the level of Spirit.  In Chinese culture, the Dragon represents absolute fearlessness, mystery, and the power to breakthrough ANYTHING!  When you stand in this powerful pose, it is like you are plugging yourself in or opening up for an update.  The longer you hold the pose, the more benefit and energy you will receive.  Start with 5 minutes and push yourself to hold the pose continuously for 15, 20, 30 minutes and beyond!  Learn more about Dragon’s Way Qigong.


Where to begin?  First, take a deep breath.  And now another.  Now move your focus to your navel.  When you breathe in, draw the belly in.  When you breathe out, push your belly out.  The navel is a Spirit Gate.  This magical button connects you to your genetic line as well as to a time when you were in perfect alignement, in utero, with all of Nature.  Begin this practice daily, especially before sleep and upon awakening.  You can use your mind to intentionally envision a loving connection between you, your loved one’s, and all of Nature.  Overtime the practice will become a natural healing habit.  Click the link below to hear more on this powerful Spirit Gate from Grand Master Nan Lu of The Tao of Healing.


Coronavirus Prevention

Grand Master Nan Lu

Click here to listen to my discussion of Qigong: The Sacred Path of Body, Mind, Spirit Healing

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