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Healing Tea Preparations

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Developed by Grand Master Nan Lu, OMD of the Tao of Healing in NYC, these teas can be integrated daily for both adults and children.  They contain no caffeine.  Dr Melissa Laborsky has been using the teas in her practice and with her own family since 2009.  These products are available for purchase at Indy Healing Center and online through TCM World Foundation

Magical Ginger: boosts overall immunity, digestive health, supports healing both intestinal and upper respiratory conditions: sweet and spicy.  This is yummy on it’s own, mixed with Cold Prevention Tea or Digestive Tea,in warm apple cider, or even in coffee! 

Magical Berries: boosts overall immunity, digestive health, and Liver function (our organ that balances emotions, stress): sweet.  Magical berries can be enjoyed on it’s own, but is also an excellent complement to other herbal teas such as rose, chamomile, dandelion root, digestive tea, and black or green tea.   

Cold Prevention Tea helps treat and prevent colds: light minty taste.  Delicious with honey (which also benefits the Lung/Large Intestine!).  I also will add fresh ginger slices to benefit the Liver, Lung, and Stomach.

Digestive Tea: supports overall digestive health: earthy taste.  If desired, brown sugar warms and sweetens this tea (the Stomach energy loves a little sweet!).  I also will add fresh ginger slices to benefit the Liver, Lung, and Stomach.

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Homemade Tea Preparations

Harmony Tea

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The ingredients of this tea harmonize together and shift with every preparation.  Use your intuition with how much of each you add, depending on if you are making a cup or a pot.  I love this tea for the warmer seasons.  I will brew in a glass tea pot with diffuser and allow it to cool to room temp.  


3-4 Fresh Ginger Slices: unpeeled.  Benefits the Stomach, Liver, and Lung.

1-2 teaspoons Honey.  Benefits the Lung/Large Intestine.

1/4 Fresh Lemon, squeeze juice and leave the lemon to steep.  Benefits the Liver.

Optional: Fresh Mint Leaves.  Benefits the Liver and Lung.  

Warming Ginger Tea

This tea is similar to Harmony Tea but adds in cinnamon to nurture Kidney essence.  


3-4 Fresh Ginger Slices: unpeeled.  Benefits the Stomach, Liver, and Lung.

1-2 teaspoons Honey.  Benefits the Lung/Large Intestine.

A few sprinkles of cinnamon or one cinnamon stick.  Alternatively, use honey already infused with cinnamon.

Triple Ginger Tea

Triple Ginger Tea:  Ginger is a powerful healing herb.  The different preparations in this tea shift where the essence is received.  This recipe is for a full pot.  You can also do a smaller quantity per cup

3-4 slices of raw ginger.  Benefits the Liver, Stomach, and Lung

3-4 slices of dried ginger.  Benefits the Stomach

3-4 slices of roasted/charcoal ginger.  Benefits the Lower Stomach, Low back.

Add Brown Sugar: warms, sweetens (the Stomach loves this!)

optional tangerine peel (moves Liver energy)

Dry ginger slices in the oven at 400 for about 15 min.  Check that it is sufficiently dry, not burning

Roast ginger at 400 for about 20 min and beyond.  You can’t over do it!

Dandelion Greens Tea

Nothing can destroy a dandelion!  They always come back and they always breakthrough.  These mighty “weeds” embody the essence and Spirit of our Liver.  

One bunch of Dandelions

Consider adding 3-4 slices of raw ginger for added Stomach love

Dandelion is VERY bitter: sweeten with brown sugar (also warms the Stomach), honey (to nurture Lung / very beneficial if you are experiencing any skin issues!), or Magical Berries

Place all ingredients in a pot and add boiling water / bring to a boil and allow to steep hours / all day!

Dandelion root tea can be purchased in bags and sweetened as above.  The root tea is roasted and tastes like chicory.  The leaf & root tea is light and bitter.

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Spring Dragon Tea

This highly concentrated Gynostemma leaf tea boosts the Kidney energy.  One bag is enough for an entire pot!  Pairs well with Magical Berries.  It has a green tea taste without the caffeine.

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