Empowered Parenting


The highest spiritual relationship is that between parent and child.  We choose each other for a purpose and become each other’s greatest teachers.  Parenting children requires immense energy, presence, and creativity.  In this fast paced world, many of us are balancing full working lives with full home lives.  

As a parent we are the energetic center of our home.  If our energy is out of balance we will see and feel it immediately in the faces and behavior of our children.  They are a perfect mirror.  Caring deeply for your own energy by supporting yourself with acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and a practice like Dragon’s Way Qigong, can help you take parenting beyond the level of “survival.”  

In my practice (in office and at home!) I have discovered an approach to parenting that aligns with the vision of Indy Healing Center.  The Nurtured Heart Approach was created by Howard Glasser as a way to connect through relationship with intense children at home and in the classroom.  When children (including our inner child) act out, they do so because they are in need of loving attention.  

Most of the time when our child is “behaving” we smile from afar and go about our daily lives.  When they act out on themselves and others, they get us to “show up” in a big way to help shift the behavior.  The Nurtured Heart approach encourages us to flip the way we connect in relationship by “showing up” in presence to honor the good stuff (even the “little” stuff) and holding space but not connecting in energetically when the acting out shows up.  I call it being a “humming bird parent.”  You buzz in to show some love here there and everywhere.  

I have personal experience using this approach.  Literally within 3 days my child ceased lashing out physically.  Within a month, he began to tap into his gifts and passions at a whole new level.  He was being nurtured into full bloom.  

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