Dragon Launch Pad


Congratulations and welcome to The Healer Lies Within!  This page serves as a launch pad for materials and links that will support you over the next six weeks and beyond.



We will be connecting together through the Zoomiverse.  If you are not familiar with Zoom please watch this how-to video in advance.  https://youtu.be/hIkCmbvAHQQ You can also explore the help section directly on the Zoom website https://zoom.us/ I will email the Zoom link to join in advance of each session.  

Dragon’s Way Qigong at its Heart is about energy, connection, and co-operation.  This includes each and every one of you!  I require that you turn on your video during class to allow us to truly “see” each other.  

In addition, you will be in your home which is both a blessing and challenge.  The challenge is to create a sacred, quiet space for the time we connect for class.  If you have young children at home please consider having someone be present to care for them during class time.  Claiming this sacred space and time for yourself is an investment that benefits not only you but your loved one’s!  

Finally, I ask that you turn off your cell phone and refrain from checking email and social media during class time.  Anything that distracts you will in turn distract from the energy of our session.

Please do your best to position your camera so you are fully visible.  This will increase our connection during our practice time.  

Finally, please be on time!  Every moment we have to share together is sacred.

Dragon Drop In Qigong Practice

Every Friday I will offer a Zoom session from 12-12:30 PM EST to allow us to connect and deepen our Qigong practice together.  The Zoom link will remain the same for all sessions and will be emailed in advance as well as posted below.  Please arrive on time and be aware that this is NOT a Q & A time.  Our focus will be on re-inforcing the movements / building our energy foundation as a group.  


Dragon’s Way Qigong Guidebook

IMG 4911

This resource is your hands on guide for our six week journey.  Please email me directly to schedule a time to pick up the book if you do not have it from a prior session or to have it mailed to your home.

Eating for Healing

Everything is energy and all energy has consciousness and purpose…even food!  Over the next six weeks eating for healing becomes a practice of connecting to food at a higher level.  I expand on these concepts and list the foods within my website through this link: 

Eating for Healing

In addition, there are recipes within my website and an infinite abundance of recipes on TCM World:

IHC’s Healing Recipes

IHC’s Healing Teas

TCM World’s Infinite/Inspiring Cookbook

We will be opening to several “super foods” that may be entirely new to you.  You can learn more about these foods and how to prepare them through this link:

Chinese Super Foods

Wu Ming Qigong


We will be practicing Dragon’s Way Qigong which arises from the Wu Ming lineage.  Qigong is a body, mind, Spirit practice.  You can explore more on Qigong in the guidebook and through this link: Qigong

Every practice must first be learned as a form.  I encourage you to practice at least twice daily WITH Grand Master Lu via live stream or the DVD.  

These recordings hold many tips on how to deepen your connection to the form.  In addition, you get the added benefit of practicing with the Grand Master himself!  Explore the section that teaches each movement before diving into the full practice.  

I have DVD’s for pick up at my office or the live stream can be purchased online through the link below.  I have a 50% coupon code for current students.  Please email me if you have not received the code.  *There will be no refunds if you already purchased the live stream at full price*


We will be breaking down the practice and learning three movements each session.  I encourage you to do the same even if this is your 99th six week journey!  Each movement has infinite healing potential; however, you have to make a connection and relationshp to the practice to open that potential!

The 9 movements jumpstart energy flow throughout your meridians / your energy grid and the 10th posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven & Earth allows you to plug your energy grid into the energy of the Universe for re-charge, downloads, upgrades.  I will challenge you to extend the time you stand in this position.  The longer you continually hold The Dragon Stands, the more benefit you will receive.  Begin with 5 minutes and increase the time each session with a goal of a minimum of 15-20 minutes and beyond of continuous practice!

Of course, life happens and you will have days when you have difficulty fitting in two full practice sessions.  If time is limited always go to number 10 and Stand Between Heaven & Earth!

Also, we will be learning about the significance of time and organ function.  If you are waking up at night or have difficulty falling asleep, your body is craving energy!  This is an excellent time to give it what it needs with The Dragon Stands Between Heaven & Earth.  Even if it is just a few minutes before the bed pulls you back in!

Immune Boosting Energy Exercises

We will no doubt be exploring a more expanded angle of life with COVID and Delta.  In general the concept is that we must adapt to live WITH COVID.  This requires a high level of co-operation and collaboration that engages Body, Mind, & Spirit.  Every day, I would like you to integrate these hands on acupressure exercises that will provide additional immune boosting support.  

Please note that the second movement has been evolved to circle to the right for 2 minutes and then switch to the left for 2 minutes!




This is the “easy button” on your six week journey!  The concept of Dragon’s Way Qigong is to shake things up, open flow, and build your energy foundation.  We address this from many angles: food, consciousness, Qigong, and herbs.  

Chinese herbs do not “force” the body to cleanse itself nor do they “replace” something presumed missing.  Herbs are like organic fertilizer in your healing garden.  They help provide the best conditions for your organ function to restore itself to a higher level.  

These do not interact with any Western medications and I have used them personally and in practice since 2009.  Six weeks of herbs are included for Healer Lies Within.  Should you choose to continue herbs, they can be purchased for $28 a bottle.  

Additional Guidance

Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 12.06.50 PM

The healing process is a journey.  Like walking a labyrinth you may have moments where you feel lost, stuck, or even like you are not progressing / just walking in circles; however, you are always on the right path.  At the center of the labyrinth is your healing key!  As your guide I am here to support you at every level body, mind, & Spirit.  

As an additional offering, I provide 30 minute Zoom coaching sessions for students who are not currently patients.  These sessions enhance your healing process and re-align you with your path when you experience challenges.  

Five Element Consciousness

Over the next six weeks we will be diving deep and immersing ourselves in five element consciousness.  As you can see through this chart, the five element framework allows us to see the many connections between organ function, emotions, and all of Nature.  In addition to what is in your guidebook, I provide other angles / expansions on this framework that you can follow week to week or as your intuition guides you:




Lung/Large Intestine

Heart/Small Intestine

Private Facebook Forum

Over the next six weeks, we will be exploring the magic of collaboration and co-operation at the highest level of organ function and in all of Nature.

As a group we will also exist in collaboration and co-operation with one another.  We will all be opening to this process together.  When one of us grows and breaks through, the group also grows and breaks through.

I encourage you all to use our class time and this private forum to share openly.

Follow this link and request to join:

Dragon’s Way Qigong Membership

You can register to connect into the Dragon’s Way Membership page on TCM World.  It includes audio recordings of the practice as well as a link to their beautiful blog: a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration.  Registration is free.  You simply have to enter info on the class you are registered for.  Follow this link: 


The Dragon Bridge

Following the six week Dragon’s Way Qigong intensive, The Dragon Bridge provides continuity and the support of a conscious community on a parallel healing journey. 

This will support deepening your integration of the practice and concepts, through continued weekly group Qigong practice every Friday at 12 PM EDT and every other week conscious community connection calls (C^4) from 12-1 PM beginning 10/27.  

The Zoom link will remain the same for our C^4 calls and a reminder will be sent the day before / day of our sessions.

Additional Books

book dragons-way-225x300

This is the original Dragon’s Way Qigong text.  Don’t be fooled by the funky cover!  This book holds all the wisdom of the guidebook and beyond for those still hungry for more.  I particularly find the breakdown of symptoms by organ and the sections that expand upon traditional concepts such as Yin/Yang to be very helpful.  I carry the this book in my  office or you can order it from TCM World at:


Additional Online Resources

This website is an infinite resource in and of itself!  Begin from the home page and see where intuition leads you!


TCM World is the foundation from where Dragon’s Way Qigong was birthed.  Again an infinite resource!


Grand Master Nan Lu has his own website that is dedicated to his teachings and our practice.  A free registration will allow you to access the podcast he “downloaded” with the arrival of COVID.


Grand Master Nan Lu also has many meditations and teachings on his dedicated YouTube channel.  I personally enjoy playing these while holding “The Dragon Stands Between Heaven & Earth!”  Below the link to his channel is a quick link to my current fave meditation from New Year’s Eve.  You could call it Cleanse / Align / Upgrade!


Cleanse / Align / Upgrade! Today & Everyday Meditation 

Great Conjunction Meditation: Tune In / Tune Up Liver/Stomach

Full Moon Meditation

Emotional Freedom Meditation

Reflection: Qigong for Self Mastery

Reflection: Qigong: What Level Have You Reached?

Reflection: Qigong Time  & Place for Unlimited Beliefs!

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