Digesting the Universe

Discovering Our True Identity

The five stages of metabolism function unfold from oneness. The first four physical stages (receiving, digesting, processing, and transformation) actually exist to support the invisible and most powerful stage, which relates to Spirit and gives profound meaning to the other four. Spirit is alive within each of us. This quality of being vibrantly alive is what defines a healthy human being.

If we can perform all five stages of metabolism function well, we become the physical manifestation of Universal consciousness. Then, we humans are literally “digesting the Universe”—not only for ourselves but for the greater consciousness of All That Is. Imagine how vital each of us is to this grand plan. No one is insignificant. Quite the opposite. In our day-to-day lives we lose sight of this eternal magnificence.  Digesting the Universe by Nan Lu, OMD

Pre-requisite: completion of Dragon’s Way Qigong

Digesting the Universe is a three month transformative journey integrating intensive herbs focusing on the three organ systems of the “vital triangle" of metabolism function, study of the Digesting the Universe text, and deepening daily practice of Dragon’s Way Qigong.  

We meet every other week beginning 9/9 12-1:30 PM EDT, live on Zoom.  

You will also receive additional support by joining The Dragon Bridge with your fellow Dragon brothers and sisters completing Dragon’s Way Qigong.  The bridge includes additional Conscious Community Connection Calls (C^4) every other week beginning 10/27 from 12-1 PM EDT and weekly drop in Qigong every Friday at 12 PM.  All sessions are on Zoom.  

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