Breast Health

Breast Health

Ancient traditions have long recognized and modern science has confirmed that EVERYTHING is energy.  Modern science has also discovered that energy and mass are interchangeable, therefore all breast conditions such as calcifications, cysts, and tumors can be viewed as energy transformed into mass.

Based upon this concept, Nan Lu, OMD, has developed a unique program that uses Wu Ming Qigong energy movements to effectively guide energy through the breast area.  

When energy flows freely, you can create better breast health.    

Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health directly impacts the meridian lines that run through the breast area: Liver, Stomach, and Kidney.  


True prevention is creating balance and harmony in the body BEFORE cancer has a chance to form.

Sign up NOW for the free Qigong for Breast Health workshop 10/31: 11-2 PM!  


Through this workshop you will learn and practice powerful energy exercises, Qigong for Breast Health, created by Grandmaster Nan Lu of the Tao of Healing.  We will also explore how emotions, healing foods, and even the shifting of the seasons impacts the function of the meridians.

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